Nature is perfect: in a flower, a rock a deetle, a leaf.
Naturalia collection is born from the observation of nature, from the desire to remake with our hands what we can’t have today in our homes because there is no space, because there is too much sun or too little, because there is water or not at all.
Naturalia is a collection of shapes and colours stolen from nature: vertical gardens, delicate flowers, improbable corals, fish and mermaids, crossing vases.
Each object is a unique piece handmade in Italiy

Between a flower picked and another given/ the inexpressible nothingness. Giuseppe Ungaretti, italian poetry
There are flowers everywhere for those who are willing to see them. Henri Matisse

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
The archetypal rose exists only in name; we possess only bare names

Who goes for this sea, these fish takes, neapolitan saying

Words inside books, figures on top of vases, everything tells a story

Tell me about nature with a brush wet with water and mud

Noble submerged flower, rose of a whimsical sea goddess

I float on the surface of the water, a vertical pond in my room

Grass and soil to list nature immediately, complete beauty

Small and large leaves, green that never turns yellow

“Naturalia” is designed and handmade in Italy by ELICA Studio – Pastore e Bovina.

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