The eye of the Elica

March 30th, 2023News

We have discovered that there is a nebula, 650 light years away from earth, called Elica.
Some call it the eye of the universe, why? In shape and colors, it looks like a human eye.

An interesting info for our creativity and the work we do with porcelain. We design new
shapes inspired by nature, stolen from nature: it has been part of our poetics since ELICA
STUDIO was born. We make design objects that are also art objects. Painting on porcelain
and shaping it into forms that resemble those of nature is a way to recognize the beauty of
the universe in all its expressions, and we want to do this by telling contemporary stories.

We will participate in the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2023: one more opportunity that
stimulates us to always do: this is how new collections of porcelain objects are born.

The Elica nebula watches us from above while we at ELICA STUDIO, so small, observe
the microscopic universe around us.

The eye of Elica becomes the Vasocchio of ELICA STUDIO because, in the end, we can
only make vases.