Video collection of collaborations by Elica Studio and other artists, where you can see our pieces or our spaces used.

Thanks to the need to contaminate and to be contaminated, we have developed over the years many collaborations with the most diverse artists. Out of this exchange came exhibitions, performances and videos. Here are some.

Pastore e Bovina

Arthemis Danza / Monica Casadei + Pastore e Bovina + Fabio Fiandrini

LA METRALLI – Video clip ufficiale “Un niente di felicità”

The Secret Nemo’s Cabinet (organizzata da noi nella Manicalunga di Crete Piece Unique – 2017)


Jungle Fever | Bologna Design Week 2015

THE FOOL’S STONE – NONVERSATION (night club version)

LA METRALLI – Videoclip ufficiale “Piovevo” ( Premio Ciampi 2012 )

199 – Parade a tendernees act

Mostra Visionnaire – Wunderkammer Safari Moon – 2015

SOQQUADRO ITALIANO – Vurria ca foss’io ciaola (Official Video)