Collection “In alto i cuori” it’s a part of a project born in 2009 that still continues.
Idea is the use of a pop icon like the heart , reinterpreted by Elica Studio as a wall vase with anatomic references and a strongly italian character.
They have made 52 different versions, inspired by italian history and culture: from Dante Alighieri and Ovidio to pop songs, to that particular symbolism that mixes sacred and profane, typical of the South of Italy.
A collection of unique heart-shaped porcelain ex-votos decorated with graphic and sculptural themes. Letters and figures painted with brush; handcrafted small sculptures for contemporary messages written in a universal language.
Every heart has its own rhythm, its own beat, its own meaning between irony and divertissement.

“In alto i cuori” is designed and handmade in Italy by ELICA Studio – Pastore e Bovina.

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